About CBW

Connected By Water™ is a way of life. It represents a people and community so tightly bound by their love and passion for oceans, bays, rivers, lakes, streams and all that lives within them. We embrace it. We work in it. We play in it. It’s our sport. Our muse. Our passion. Our soul. Our story. It intertwines us all, inspires us and crafts our lifestyle. It’s breathing in that beach salt air, relaxing lake side or taking in the island life. It goes beyond fishing, surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing or boating – it’s the culture behind it all. Water connects all of us and has a hypnotic effect. It changes our mood and takes away our stress. It crosses social barriers and brings us together. It’s the one common thread that binds all of mankind. There’s a coastline within all of us.


Created and Founded by D.Friel