At his core, Dennis Friel, is an illustrator and a fine art painter. He has completed original artwork commissions for collector’s and saltwater enthusiasts from around the globe.

Since Connected By Water® is a self-publishing studio, Dennis prefers not work with galleries, but rather communicate directly with his clients and collectors. Many of his original paintings are drawn from personal connections and empathetic experiences.

The paintings are usually created on canvas or wood art board and his watercolors and graphite illustrations on the finest quality art papers.

The studio offers custom framing and worldwide shipping options are also available.

Dennis’ original artwork pricing is always based upon request.

  • If you are interested in commissioning an original painting for your private collection, please fill out the below form in entirety and an associate will be in contact with you shortly to review your project and offer a quote estimation.

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.


At the studio there are always a variety of projects being worked on at any given time. Although Dennis makes every effort to touch as many design projects as he can, original commissions are the ones he must handle personally from beginning to end. Due to this demanding schedule and that fact that he holds every detail his original artwork in the highest regard, these generally do that longer to complete than most projects. Upon commissioning an piece of artwork a general timeframe will be communicated based upon a variety of factors from size of painting, amount of detail involved and current studio schedule.

Somewhat, but each piece is its own endeavor and experience. Many factors, mostly size and detail, will determine the price. This is based upon experience in knowing how much time will need to be dedicated into creating each piece.

No. To be clear, when commissioning a painting you will own the original piece of artwork (the actual painting), but not the copyrights to the work. You will not be able to produce prints or create derivative works of the art in any form. This has been, is and always will be our studio policy unless otherwise written in a specific agreement. This is also an artist’s natural rights as stated by the United States and International Copyright Law. More than likely reproductions of the work will be made by the studio and sold to customers through our retail business channels or used as the studio decides for any other purpose. Dennis Friel reserves all rights to his artwork.


As a dedicated marine-influenced art and design studio, our experience and understanding of the marine industry ensures a proven process from initial concept, creative execution to implementing a versatile artistic and design skill set.

We live and breathe art, design and salt air in all we do and every service we provide.

  • Your goals and requirements will be clearly and mutually understood.
  • You will be utilizing premium D.Friel licensed artwork so you can be assured all your custom developed work will be only the highest of quality.
  • Our strategies and methods to achieve your goals will be well-defined and understood by all so everything is crystal clear, and any misunderstandings can be minimized.
  • Your project will include a team-player work ethic and expertise spanning all key disciplines required.
  • Together, we will build to work more creatively, yet efficiently and effectively to meet
  • or exceed your project goals.
  • Your success is our success. Our goal is to gain your trust, so we may establish a continued relationship.