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At Connected By Water® we offer a full-service, first-rate large format graphics division. Just like with our one-stop-shop custom apparel programs, you can take advantage of utilizing licensed D.Friel artwork to craft any specific design to your preference and also have all your print and production needs taken care of. Gaining access to our award-winning design staff has you coming right to the source of the most extraordinary team in large format graphics customization.

Got a boat, truck, car or SUV? Have a tackle shop, restaurant or tiki bar that needs a visual boost? Let’s take it to next level with a premier quality wrap design using our project management and installation professionals. We source only the highest quality materials, most experienced installers, cutting-edge equipment and technology. The art is second to none and the work is completely satisfaction guaranteed.

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Each boat, vehicle or wall graphic artwork request is custom quoted based upon the number of elements that are requested to be featured in your design, the complexity of the dimensions and the overall size of the area being designed. When completing the request form above there is an area where you will have the opportunity to tell us what you are looking to create. We ask that you please be as thorough and descriptive as possible. We also love customer completed sketches and find them incredibly helpful in the process. Don’t worry, we know you’re not a professional artist, but it does give us an idea of what’s going on inside your head. If sending a sketch please send a JPEG or phone pic of your drawing to sales@connectedbywater.com and an associate will be in contact with you after receiving your fully completed order request.

For an added fee that is calculated in your custom design price we can include specific elements to be illustrated or digitally meshed into your licensed design.

Each item and design are specifically licensed per usage. However, we may consider reduced pricing and customization fees for secondary item uses on same or similar orders. Usually additional vehicles, vessels or wall spaces will be a different dimension than the originally featured specification. So, a supplementary refitting charge can more than likely be expected regardless. Each circumstance will need to be reviewed on a case by case basis as there are many variables to this scenario.

No. All our large format designs are created using elements from pre-created and copyright protected artwork and then custom assembled by our design team to the customers preference. For all designs completed in our custom service programs the images are provided for usage via a “personal use only” license. Taking part in this design program does not continue any customer ownership of the artwork and therefore is non-transferrable and non-deliverable for any third-party printing or assembly production. However, we do allow any font-based logos or brand related creations to be transferred to the customer. This is clear in the customer agreement.

All brand related or business customer related requests will be reviewed to avoid any potential conflict of interest circumstances. All Connected By Water™ custom design programs are specifically intended for personal use customers only unless otherwise specified in separately executed agreements.

Absolutely. We can design and customize any project to fit your needs. Contact us with as detailed of a description as possible for a custom quote. Most likely we would have to set up a call after reviewing your request to discuss your specifics.

Yes! At Connected By Water™ we take great pride in only offering the highest quality, hottest and most innovative products. If its on the market we can do it!

Our installed large format graphics materials are guaranteed for up to 1 year of installation date against material manufacture defect. If your wrap becomes damaged and needs repair, we can assess your circumstance and, in many cases, offer a repair solution for an additional charge.


As a dedicated marine-influenced art and design studio, our experience and understanding of the marine industry ensures a proven process from initial concept, creative execution to implementing a versatile artistic and design skill set.

We live and breathe art, design and salt air in all we do and every service we provide.

  • Your goals and requirements will be clearly and mutually understood.
  • You will be utilizing premium D.Friel licensed artwork so you can be assured all your custom developed work will be only the highest of quality.
  • Our strategies and methods to achieve your goals will be well-defined and understood by all so everything is crystal clear, and any misunderstandings can be minimized.
  • Your project will include a team-player work ethic and expertise spanning all key disciplines required.
  • Together, we will build to work more creatively, yet efficiently and effectively to meet
  • or exceed your project goals.
  • Your success is our success. Our goal is to gain your trust, so we may establish a continued relationship.