Connected By Water 53 Art Sapp, Skip Dana & Patrick Price

D.Friel – Connected By Water #53 – Art Sapp, Skip Dana & Patrick Price

Sharks!!!!! For captains, commercial fisherman and recreational anglers alike they’re becoming a reel problem. It seems like every other fish these days is coming up bitten in half by a creature now commonly known by offshore enthusiasts as the “Tax Man.” What exactly is the rooted reason why this has been such an issue lately? Recently, Captain Patrick Price put together a Facebook group titled “Let’s Tax The Tax Man” which dives into conversations (and sometimes arguments) about others’ experiences with their prized catches getting taken away from them. What can be done about it? For certain, it’s a true and hot topic. On this episode of Connected By Water presented by Joey Accardi, we get deep and dirty on how it’s not only affecting angler enjoyment, but also the economics of an entire industry demographic. Regulars and resident experts to the show, Captain Art Sapp and Captain Skip Dana, join us along with Daymaker Charters’, Captain Patrick Price, to round-out an expert panel that picks apart this controversial subject. You don’t want to miss out on this one.

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