Connected By Water Podcast 56 Art Sapp, Patrick Price & Thomas Osburn

D.Friel - Connected By Water Podcast #56 - Art Sapp, Patrick Price & Thomas Osburn

Citizen science! Imagine having your business and livelihood ripped away from you without warning by a group of misinformed minions. That’s what happened to commercial shark fisherman Captain Thomas Osburn. Recently, while conducting a scientific-based research excursion, so-called “enviromentalists” took matters into their own hands thinking they were cutting illegal longlines. Well it turns out that “illegal tackle” was not only perfectly legal, but also sanctioned by NOAA for shark research.  As a follow up to our recent Sharking episode of Connected By Water presented by Joey Accardi Chysler Dodge Jeep Ram, Thomas joins Captain Art Sapp, Captain Patrick Price and Dennis to once again spotlight the issue we are facing. We bring to light some developments and action plans being made to fight the good fight. Watch this episode to get informed on the truth of the situation, what’s being done about it and the battle that lies ahead. To be clear, the goal of the initiative is not to eradicate sharks, but to provide the proper marine balance for fisherman and the ecosystem on the whole.

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