Connected By Water Podcast 64 John Loos, Johnny Loos, Miles Forman & Charlie Gregory

The future of South Florida’s survival relies heavily on the health and well-being of our coastlines, waterways and wetlands. It’s no secret that our situation lately has been grim at best. So what can be done? Well first things first, we need to clean it up and these “smartest guys in the room” have the solution! In this episode, we get in depth on what they’re planning to do to clean up our waterways by way of science, hard work and a genuine display of love and pride for our beautiful sunshine state. We also discuss matters of the Abacos, what really happened over there, what is still left to be done and why it’s important to support organizations like the CCA. Please join us for this very candid discussion as we reveal some important information concerning what’s being done to protect our natural aquatic resources for present and future generations to come. The Connected By Water Podcast is presented by Joey Accardi Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and Fueled By Papa’s Pilar Rum.

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