Connected By Water Podcast 66 Mikaela Whitmer & Heather Reinoehl

D.Friel - Connected By Water Podcast #Podcast 66 Mikaela Whitmer

Few people have the drive and the vision necessary to be a true leader in their local community. Even fewer are able to achieve that status by the eighth grade. Meet Mikaela Whitmer and her mother Heather Reinoehl everyone. Currently a sophomore at Nova Southeastern University, Mikaela’s well-known provincial fishing tournament, Trash Can Slam, has been raising tons of money to support Autism aid and awareness efforts to Deerfield Beach schools since its inception. Now she’s ready to tackle the next level by putting on the first ever Sailfish Slam. We invited Mikaela and her mom in to try and get beneath the surface as to what makes her tick. Needless to say we came away very impressed.

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