Tiny & Tim | Podcast 81 | Connected By Water

Tiny & Tim | Podcast 81 | Connected By Water

Jason “Tiny” Walcott returns to the podcast and brings along friend and legend, Tim Maddock, Sr. to tell their tale of living a life that’s Connected By Water. As you may recall, Tiny’s last visit had the audience gripped in suspense with his recount of the Rapscallion hijacking. This time we get a little further beneath the surface with two South Florida offshore icons, who have accomplished more on the water than most could ever imagine. With more than 30 years of friendship knotting them, both these captains have stared death in the face and lived to tell about it… and they’ve also both wrestled goats in Africa. Still waters may run deep, but they’re nothing compared to these rough ones. Karlene Rybinski returns as our guest bartender for this profound episode.

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