Our Custom Shirt Designs

We live and breathe art, design and salt air in all we do and every service we provide.

Here’s a sampled selection of shirt designs created by our studio. Whether utilizing D.Friel licensed pelagic species artwork or coming up with a fully customized design solution we have all the bases covered.
Connected By Water® prides itself on delivering nothing but the highest quality apparel design. Nowhere else is that more apparent than seeing the work and thought process that goes into every shirt design we create. We take the extra time to get the layout just right and work through every detail to leave no stone unturned. In the printing and production process we sweat every detail to ensure all is being completed to the utmost satisfaction. We source only the best in class goods and materials. Our studio has the know-how, talent and experience to making you proud to wear nothing but the best.
With plenty of apparel packages to choose from and licensing our award-winning artwork in a custom style, you’ll see why taking advantage of our one-stop-shop concierge operation is the way to go.

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