Stronger Together

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Here’s is where we feature you! The Connected By Water® community that became Stronger Together in support of our friends across the Gulfstream.

In 2019 as Florida’s aquatic community and beyond rallied to support those who lost some much during the devastation of Hurricane Dorian, our Connected By Water studio was one of the first to answer the call by creating the “Stronger Together” custom designed shirt fundraiser. Without your support we never would have had such a successful campaign.

In viral fashion, through shirt sales alone and in merely one week’s time, the studio raised $40,000.00 that was then donated to the Greater Miami Billfish Tournament’s  25 year old 501c3. By way of friends of the studio Richard H. Peeples IIIBruce Marx and Scott Baxter and Fishing Community Strong group, we are able to donate these funds that were directly used to purchase lumber for building new homes. This was all done in support of their amazing efforts and we thank them for all the hard work that they have been putting in to help the people of Abaco, Bahamas.

“It was completely crazy. I was so inspired at the number of people that responded so quickly to the cause,” adds artist Dennis Friel. “I truly want to thank everyone that ordered shirts. It was ultimately the community that made this number possible and their messages were humbling and inspiring.”

You can still purchase Stronger Together merchandise here or see our products below.

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